Our guarantee

Unlike wooden windows, qualitative plastic windows are not subject to influence of a moisture, the sun and a frost, and term of their operation makes more than 40 years. Certainly, as well as each mechanism, plastic windows demand some elementary leaving - periodic greasing of accessories and a rubber sealant some times in a year. Thus application of special sets on care of pvc of windows and also usual lubricating oil, technical silicone is possible....

In connection with magnificent quality of our metallo-plastic windows, we give a guarantee of 15 years on windows, under condition of their installation by our company.

The guarantee means high-grade service of windows if the defects connected with a material are found out, of which window are made: window accessories, double-glazed windows, a profile, rubber elements, welded and mechanical seams, window sills, water plums.

these guarantee certificates include: a guarantee on fixing details the window metal-oplastikovogo, separate elements and the systems which are responsible for durability of fixing of a window, an arrangement and a configuration of elements of fixture of windows, working capacity of opening shutters and accessories (under a condition of installation of windows), tightness of an assembly seam.
        The accessories established by us, at appropriate leaving, guarantee normal work of mechanisms from calculation of 25000 full cycles (it more than 50 years of work).

            All production and the technical information, corresponds to requirements of operating certificates in building for metallo-plastic windows.

            All guarantee obligations, cost of works and their description makes a reservation in the bilateral contract and certificates applied on it.
            The termination of works is their acceptance and signing by the customer of the certificate of reception-transfer.

Nevertheless the most important guarantee is unconditional quality and the maximum complete set of our windows.
        Besides, all experts in installation of our company without fail pass the qualified training and certification in the Research Industrial practice Center:
"Inter-regional Institute of the Window" Russia that guarantees to you high quality professional installation.

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