Plastic windows in St.-Petersburg Russia.

We make qualitative windows in St.-Petersburg, Russia.

We respect our buyers and for the windows we take only the best: reliable, adapted under northern climate of Petersburg, a magnificent German profile VEKA high-grade reinforcing by a full square, double-glazed windows of the first-rate quality and the best type of accessories of a window - "SIEGENIA Aubi". More in detail about quality - to look video.

All experts of the company pass compulsory education and certification in Scientifically research Training the Industrial Center: "Inter-regional Institute of the Window" Russia that guarantees high quality professional installation.

12-year-old experience of manufacture of plastic windows in St.-Petersburg allows us to offer you checked up by time,

faultless quality

the low prices

guarantee of 10 years

We will tell to you, than differ and how to choose qualitative plastic systems. It will help you to avoid purchase of "pig in a poke" being guided only by the name of a window profile, the price of windows or the general advertising phrases.

Getting new windows, we first of all put the means in comfort, silence, aesthetic pleasure and heat of the house. This capital investment, but we will try to cut down as much as possible your expenses on replacement of windows without damage to quality.

We do not sell a window - we care of your comfort, we bring heat, a cosiness and light mood in your house.

We offer you quality and heat.

Choose for itself and the family only the best :

Than qualitative plastic windows differ
( and also a short variant of article - To look a videoclip )