Our windows are worthy to be yours!

      Company "Eurostyle" is far not the beginner in the market of window technologies and works in St.-Petersburg since 1998.
      Such considerable experience has allowed us to take rather high positions in sphere of professional installation of windows in St.-Petersburg both for private customers, and for the building organisations.
     Professionalism, high level of quality of our windows, following to uniform technological process of installation and the subsequent warranty service, has allowed us to store serious experience in quality and service in the market of plastic windows of St.-Petersburg.

      We offer you full complex service "on a turn-key basis" on designing, manufacture, installation and the subsequent guarantee service of plastic windows of pvc and various external front window designs for installation of windows in inhabited, office, trading and industrial premises in St.-Petersburg.
      In manufacture we use only the top-quality materials, a profile " VEKA", high-grade reinforcing a full square, double-glazed windows of the first-rate quality and the best type of accessories of plastic windows: "SIEGENIA".

      Each plastic window we is obligatory, as a gift to the buyer, we complete with the microlift , Blocking of wrong opening, microairing and function against breaking.
     We can make for you not only white, but also and colour windows, almost any colour, for example "under a tree".

      Installation of windows is carried out by skilled highly skilled experts with application only professional materials.

So, all assemblers of our company without fail pass the qualified training and certification in " Inter-regional Institute of the Window " Russia that guarantees high quality professional installation.

      Installation indispensable conditions are a waterproofing of an external seam at furnish of internal slopes of a window, carrying out of large building dust from apartment of the customer.
      We save time of our clients and we do not involve foreign brigades of dressers. We are the serious enterprise and our assemblers possess sufficient qualification, knowledge and experience for carrying out of all complex of works "on a turn-key basis". All works from the beginning and up to the end, including finishing, on your object one brigade spends only. In such image time of carrying out of all works usually occupies no more than one working day . It is very convenient, as presence of builders at the apartment within several days absolutely is no need our clients.

   The termination of works is their acceptance and signing by the customer of the certificate of reception-transfer.
     All financial calculations are spent only at company offices (service MOBILE OFFICE also is possible), cost of all complex of works initially makes a reservation in the bilateral contract that guarantees to our clients stability of the price and absence of private financial mutual relations with assemblers. We is not comprehensible to practice when the client is offered to carry out independently calculations with "a brigade of dressers" that usually automatically involves increase of the price upon termination of works and absence of guarantee obligations.

      At installation of windows for your loggia or a balcony we also can spend works on their internal furnish and warming.

      As replacement of windows is often accompanied also by other kinds of repair work, and it is much more convenient to deal with one service provider, rather than with many, and we also can offer you installation by our experts of various systems of jalousie for metallo-plastic windows.

      Besides, preliminary calculation of the price for windows on your sizes includes all and is guaranteed .
      Our managers do not apply the standard practice of "the latent payments" when to the customer the undercharge initially is called, and after gauging carrying out is found out that the manager "has forgotten" to include something in cost of the order and the price at the moment of the contract conclusion sharply increases.
          Irrespective of its volume, special attention of all employees of the company is given to any order.
          Each project is conducted by the Personal manager who owns all information under orders of the clients and gives them a maximum of time.
          We work without days off and holidays when it is convenient to you.

          We understand - to justify expectations of a large quantity of customers, it is necessary to be the best. We try to be such! Ц we do, as for ourselves! Also we offer you magnificent quality of plastic windows at rather low prices and the maximum complete set.
          If you search for an optimum combination of elegance and reliability, love comfort and know the price to money Ц that becoming our client, you necessarily will recommend the company "Windows Eurostyle" to the friends and relatives.

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